Enactment 2008.09.01
1st Revision Feb.01.2010 / 2nd Revision Dec.17.2010
3rd Revision Dec.26.2012 / 4th Revision Aug.16.2018
5th Revision Nov.28.2019

Chapter 1. General Rules

Article 1 (Purpose)

The purpose of regulation is to define the items related to submission of papers to be published in Journal of Safety and Crisis Management (hereinafter ‘JSCM’) published by Crisis and Emergency Management: Theory and Praxis & International Society for Crisis and Emergency Management.

Article 2 (Qualification)

The paper submitter shall be a member.

Chapter 2. Submission Field and Submission

Article 3 (Manuscript)

A manuscripts submitted to JSCM shall be limited to academic papers on crisisonomy. Papers that has been reviewed for publication in other academic journals or papers that are published in other academic journals shall be submitted.

Article 4 (Field)

Academic paper on crisisonomy refers to papers on conventional military security crisis, disaster (natural disaster, man-made hazard) crisis, critical infrastructure, living safety crisis, and conflict management crisis and it shall include papers on related academic fields such as public administration, law, political science, psychology, sociology, philosophy, history, communication, consumer studies, police science, fire- fighting studies, social welfare studies, anthropology, business administration, economics, religion studies, medical science, nursing science, meteorology, civil engineering, urban engineering science, safety engineering, and public management fields, and so on.

Article 5 (Submission)

A manuscript shall be submitted via the online submission system (http://kyobo103.medone.co.kr). Before submission, an author shall check overall items listed in Author’s Checklist. Papers with format error or misspelling and papers not in compliance with Paper Writing Guide specified in Article 6 shall be denied and notified to the author.

The received papers shall be assigned of receipt number and the receipt number shall be notified to the representative author (corresponding author) via e-mail. The receipt number shall be used on tracing the process until the completion of paper examination. Also, in making inquiry to Editorial Board on submitted paper, the author must present the receipt number.

Manuscripts shall be submitted in word processor file and the author shall submit Authors Checklist, application for paper submission, and copy of receipt on payment of paper examination expense via online.

Chapter 3. Paper Writing Guide

Article 6 (Restriction on Re-Submission)

Manuscripts that has been submitted to JSCM and examined as ‘Inappropriate for Publication’ cannot be resubmitted within 3 months from the examination day. After three months, the manuscript may be resubmitted after revising the titles and contents, indicating the first submission date, and specifying that the paper is ‘re-submitted’. The manuscript is accepted on demands.

Article 7 (Manuscript Form)

The submitted manuscript shall be composed of a cover letter, title, abstract in English, body (table, figure included), reference, and appendix and each item shall start with a separate page. The cover shall be composed in the order of title, author names and affiliations, corresponding author information, public notices, key words, and abstract in English. Abstract in English shall be within 200 words.

Article 8 (Words and Pages)

Manuscript shall be less than 6,000 words in English and less than 20 pages including tables and figures.

Article 9 (Manuscript Form)

The manuscript shall comply with following table on page, paragraph style, and text style.

1. Page

Page Type



User Definition











Page Orientation





One Side



Multi-Column Type

No Multi-Column



Application Scope




2. Editing
Manuscript shall be created with MS word on A4-size page and the margin shall be 25mm for top, 25mm for bottom, 25mm for left, 25 mm for right. The font shall be Times New Roman, text size shall be 10 points, and line spacing shall be 200%.

3. Table/Figure

Paragraph Style

Text Style




Title Font







Line Spacing




Above Paragraph




Below Paragraph


Paragraph Font


First Line






Array Style


Footnote Width


Word Array


Footnote Spacing


4. After receiving a notice on publication, the author shall submit the final manuscript via the online submission system (http://kyobo103.medone.co.kr). At the end of the final manuscript, the author shall submit brief self-introduction including the name (name in Chinese Character), doctor’s degree (name of degree, year of acquisition, university of acquisition, paper title), currently working institute and position, are of academic interests (Up to 3), book and published paper within recent 5 years (Up to 3), and e-mail address.

5. The lead author shall be specified the first and the co-authors shall be specified in the order of contribution to the paper. On the author introduction part at the end of the final manuscript, the author shall indicate the lead author and co-authors. The author also shall indicate the corresponding author.

6. The list of references shall be composed based on the JSCM format.

Article 10 (System)

The signs indicating the hierarchical list on Table of Contents shall be in the order of ‘Ⅰ, 1, 1), (1),
The title of table or figure shall be numbered (Example : <Table 1> <Figure 1>) and located above the table or below the figure. The data source shall be specified in the bottom part based on the format indicated in Article 11.
The footnote for table or figure shall be (a), b), c). The footnotes on probability shall be indicated as *p<.05, **<p.01, ***<p.001, and general footnotes shall be indicated as ‘Footnote’. The footnote shall be located above the data source. Thus, footnote shall be located under the table or figure in order of separate footnote, general footnote, and data source

Article 11 (Citation of Reference)

The citation of reference shall be composed based on Citing Medicine: The NLM (National Library of Medicine) Style Guide for Authors, Editors, and Publishers, 2nd edition (2007).
To cite a reference within the main body of the manuscript, the reference shall be numbered in brackets in the order of citation. When a reference is repeatedly cited in the body, the reference should have the same number.
When several references are cited on the same part, the numbers should be given based on the order of citation.

Article 12 (Reference List)

The reference cited on the body must be included in the reference list.
The citation of reference shall be composed based on Citing Medicine: The NLM (National Library of Medicine) Style Guide for Authors, Editors, and Publishers, 2nd edition(2007).
If there are more than 7 authors, names of 6 authors shall be indicated and other authors shall be indicated with et al.
Digital Object Identifier (DOI) shall be specified in the last part of bibliographic items for convenient use of digital academic information, promotion of search efficiency, and activation of citation.

List NML example paper, book, research report, conference presentation material, graduate thesis, online data, and webpage.

Article 13 (Examination Expense)

For general examination, 60,000 won shall be payed in submitting the paper. For urgent examination, 120,000 won shall be payed in submitting the paper.

Article 14 (Adoption)

In approval on publication after examination process based on regulation of Editorial Board, the author of the paper shall submit the paper after final revision.

Article 15 (Paper Publication)

Papers passing the examination shall be published in the order of receipt. However, if the author requests urgent publication, the paper may be additionally published in the journal upon the approval from Editorial Board.

Article 16 (Publication Expense)

Author shall pay 300,000 for a general paper with 15 pages and 15,000 won shall be charged for each page from 16th page.
For indication of institute for research fund support, 200,000 won shall be additionally charged on the publication expense specified in Paragraph 1 of this Article.

Article 17 (Copyright)

All rights are reserved for papers published in JSCM. Reproduction is prohibited without the permission from Editorial Board.
Submission of paper shall be regarded as agreeing on opening the paper to unspecified individuals at Crisis and Emergency Management: Theory and Praxis.
After getting notice on paper publication, the author shall fill out [Agreement on Transfer of Copyright and Statement of Interests] and submit with the final manuscript.

Supplementary Provision

Article 1 (Date of Implementation) This regulation shall be implemented from October 1st, 2008.
Article 2 (Date of Implementation) This 1st revision shall be implemented from February 15th, 2010.
Article 3 (Date of Implementation) This 2nd revision shall be implemented from January 1st, 2011.
Article 4 (Date of Implementation) This 3rd revision shall be implemented from January 1st, 2013.
Article 5 (Date of Implementation) This 4th revision shall be implemented from September 1st, 2018.
Article 6 (Date of Implementation) This 5th revision shall be implemented from December 1st, 2019.